Geophysical QC/QA

Group of Vibrosies taking to the survey positionThe modern exploration business structure assumes a contractor’s services to be widely used to focus on the main exploration goals and profile activity. This business custom is quite transparent and aimed to control the volume of company assets, keeping operations management directed and shareholders happy because each penny of investment was a calculated action. However, becoming a client terra incognita in a possible new country of operations also means that the company may become some kind of hostage to locally-provided services, with no guarantee of their quality. Appointing a company representative to each contracted geophysical team is a “good enough” practice, although such personnel have to be additionally hired, so they produce a non-profile activity and are a growing expense.  Again, there is no guarantee that local candidates will be available or that expats hired are familiar with local conditions. An Independent Field Quality Control Specialist (Field QC) is a good solution to be a third-party component, directly responsible for allocating the amount of geophysical work to contractors.  The Field QC’s duties and responsibilities are different from each project to project supervised, but the core functions remain unchanged:

  • Review contracts in their entirety and to suggest optimised, formal ammendments to the client
  • Be a fully responsible Company Representative, driven by commitment to data quality and survey success
  • Collect so-called “grey knowledge” of survey nuances and events, to improve follow-up data interpretation
  • Track and optimise processes for survey logistics, MOB/DEMOB and project schedules
  • Report to the client on survey progress, significant events and incidents
  • Create timing forecasts based on ever-changing conditions and average production outputs
  • Perform intermediate field data processing, to monitor quality of data and provide an option for real-time decision making by the client if the survey configuration needs changes according to newly acquired data
  • Control environmental protection and reclamation
  • Provide consistent and constant data and final results transfer upon end of survey

There is nothing more shocking for a company conducting exploration than to find that after the survey has concluded and services paid for, the data they received from contractors was inaccurate or has fundamental flaws. Even operational conflicts that are possible to resolve after the fact, will not fix the data acquired. The Field QC’s job is to prevent such disappointment that may damage company reputation and/or shareholder confidence.

Not only direct geophysical services, but any other types of exploration activity services may require third-party inspection or supervision, so this would be a good point to enquire about our services.

New Vetus is offering its QA/QC services in the following geophysical survey and field activity types:

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