New Vetus – questions and answers

There are many issues we cannot formally address by creating a thousand and one website pages, additional Power Point presentations and data sheets to download. However, it is very convenient to address matters in a FAQ form, using the most common questions asked in business and field practices.

Q: What is New Vetus now in February, 2013?

A: It is still a single-employee company based in Mongolia and providing consultancy services all over the world. A bit more than a year and a half of operations has brought more than ten clients from four continents with varying demand of services: GIS; data processing; consulting; QC; crisis management and; geophysical field surveys.


Q: Why hire New Vetus instead of an individual with a relevant number of skills?

A: This is cost and operational effective because you don’t need to deal with work permits, visas and temporary accommodation in Mongolia. All legal and tax issues are completely sorted by New Vetus locally.It is also very convenient to hire the company for projects in other countries because of less arrangements of the same type as above, insurance issues, etc… In other words: you’re getting relevant services for an above-average day rate, without hassle.

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Announcement of availability for late 2012 period

New Vetus is announcing that both field support and consulting services are fully booked until late December, 2012.  See you in the 2013!

Recommended by New Vetus

New Vetus is glad to introduce its remarkable experience with G5 magnetometers, manufactured by Geotron Company.  These rough proton units are an excellent choice for Ground Magnetics Survey and are shipping with omni-directional sensors, so that permits a minimal data loss while working not only in equatorial/polar areas, but in any other surveys conducted in complicated terrain conditions. G5’s user-friendly interface allows for training of operators within less than an hour. New Vetus is happy recommend these good instruments to rent or purchase as a reliable and cost-effective solution for a wide range of Ground Magnetic Surveys for mining and exploration.

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