Data processing

Fragment of composite borehole logThe quality of geophysical data is a key component of the entire exploration success. In addition to field processing whilst overseeing a varying number of geophysical services, there could be a need to reevaluate existing data; to make historical sources as industry-standard, or to translate archive material in multiple languages. We can also take care of design and integration of satellite multi-band imagery within existing data-sets,  custom GIS layouts both for report and presentation needs. Together with data processing for most types of surface and sub-surface surveys, we can offer ground-survey design services to create survey profiles in correlation with defined boundaries (e.g. state and province borders, perimeters of state protected areas, etc…), as well as projected profile corrections based on digital terrain data. New Vetus will offer reliable and fast processing, with no external outsourcing, in the following data sets:

  • Borehole logging data (including lithology and surface assays, ASCII to produce composite logs)
  • Magnetic survey
  • Gravity survey
  • Radiation survey
  • Any quantative ASCII data acquired by grid
  • Topological data or coordinate sets with any format transformation/design required by the client
  • Basic processing results for 2D seismic data

For each custom GIS design ordered, we will provide all necessary topo maps (if available), as well as pre-processed LandSat imagery.

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