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Message from the New Vetus founder

Ladies and Gentlemen! There is a nasty crisis in the exploration & mining industry right now. Along with unemployment growth, there is a growing, rapid demand for field operations to be efficient. I have seven years’ experience with overseeing/QC-ing geophysical surveys, data processing and team management on five continents. Put me on-board, and you’ll get […]

Technical shut-down

Our server has been shut-down for the last few days, due to technical problems with the hosting provider.   It is now fully restored and available online, as well as New Vetus services.

Announcement of availability for the projects in Mongolia

The operational status of New Vetus, for projects in Mongolia is now on “standby”.  This is related to the country’s lack of overall mining and exploration activity, resulting in massive, international players withdrawal from the market, thus a low demand for services of New Vetus.  Further work in Mongolia is very possible on-demand, on a […]

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